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Pro Shop Success


Learn how to increase your Pro Shop sales today!

Is the internet killing your pro shop business? Have you been told that you should have an actual pro shop but don’t know how or why to do it? Do you struggle with issues like inventory? In this course we will help you tackle all of these issues and more! We will:

• Show you how to make selling merchandise easier by changing the culture in your school

• Teach you how to keep product from walking into your school that was purchased on the internet

• Teach you how to set the right goals and set the right expectations

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Get Instant Access To All 12 Modules:

  • Module 1: Merchandise Sales & Goal Setting
  • Module 2: Selling Tee Shirts
  • Module 3: Training Your Staff to Up-sell
  • Module 4: How to Use Square Footage To Sell the Most Merchandise
  • Module 5: How To Sell At Seminars
  • Module 6: The Do's & Don'ts For Retail Display
  • Module 7: How to Sell Gear You Are Giving Away
  • Module 8: How to Display For Maximum Sales
  • Module 9: How to Build Products Into Your Programs
  • Module 10: Don't Let the Internet Steal Your Pro Shop Profits
  • Module 11: Invite Your Students to Shop with Gift Certificates
  • Module 12: Reasons Why Display Cases Are Killing Sales
  • Bonus Module: The Secret Sauce To Selling More Merchandise