Graham McDonnell

Owner of The West Australian Institute of Martial Arts, Consultant, & A 5th Dan Black Belt

    Graham McDonnell is a 5th Dan black belt (shihan) in Zen Do Kai freestyle martial arts. Graham also has multiple black belts in various other styles and regularly trains in BJJ, Krav -Maga, Muay Thai and Philippine stick fighting.

    Graham has been training for 30 years. Throughout these years he has accomplished many titles during his fighting, some of which are in the full contact Muay Thai arena.

    Graham’s primary business, The West Australian Institute of Martial Arts, has three locations in in Perth Australia. Currently WAIMA has 1,700 active members, is billing $75,000 per week, and is still growing. Its largest location has over 800 members.

    If managing one business wasn’t enough of a challenge, Graham has 2 additional businesses: His martial arts consulting business TIMA (The Institute of Martial Arts), which he created after constantly being asked how he has grown his martial arts business in a tough economic climate.
    And finally his third business, IDS (International Defensive Solutions), which has a vast client list ranging from the Australian Special Forces, Chevron, right through to the flight attendants for Virgin Airlines.

    Graham is excited to come and share the strategies and tools that have seen him succeed greatly in his own schools.