Jordan McCreery

Sr. Vice President of Ingrained Media

    Jordan McCreery is Sr. Vice President of Ingrained Media where he has helped cultivate new clients as well as building and managing World Champion athletes. Jordan has worked with brands including Malibu Boats, Draft Kings, Qello Concerts,, HeadBlade, Revgear and many more. Ingrained Media is a full-service marketing communications agency with a special interest in the millennial demographic. The firm specializes in Digital Media Creation & Distribution, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, and other elements as needed for clients.

    Jordan works with clients on a daily basis as well as overseeing the Social Media management of their channels encompassing millions of followers. He is also Chief Operations Office for the largest Mixed Martial Arts digital a network in the world, MMAadnet, and is responsible for billions of digital ad impressions on both the buy and sell side providing a diverse understanding of online advertising.

    Jordan began his professional career in January of 2010 after completing his BSBA in both Marketing and Management from Roosevelt University in Chicago. As an undergraduate he began working as an intern in early 2009 for MMAadnet and then Magnetic Marketing Associates where he transitioned into a role as Director of Business Development in 2010. In January of 2011 Jordan became a founding partner in Ingrained Media. As Sr. VP he has lead teams and projects for a variety of clients ranging from those just getting off the ground as startups to others with tens of millions in annual revenue each year.

    His knowledge of the Social Media space comes from his years of experience utilizing the platforms. Jordan was using Facebook as a college student and leveraging opportunities when it was only available to users with .edu addresses and long before Facebook Pages were even a thought. He has been an active user of Twitter since early 2009 and was also an early-adopter of the Instagram platform since it’s inception in 2010. His tactics and strategies have been demonstrated with measurable and beneficial results.