Master Rondy Mckee

Owner/Grandmaster at White Tiger Taekwondo and Martial Arts

    Master Rondy was a part-time Owner/Instructor/Manager of Tiger Chung’s Total Fitness Center in Michigan and Senior Designer for various marketing agencies in the early part of her career. She was selected to join the Korean Tigers Professional Demo Team “K-Tigers” to live and tour as a team member in Korea. In 1996 Master Rondy returned to the USA and started White Tiger Taekwondo and Martial Arts enrolling over 11,000 students since opening its doors in North Carolina.

    Master Rondy is a frequent guest speaker and presenter. She is a columnist for Taekwondo Times Magazine. Master Rondy has been inducted into Martial Arts Hall of Honors 2011, Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2012 and Karate Hall of Fame 2013.


    • 7th Degree Black Belt World Taekwondo Federation/KUKKIWON #05048725
    • 7th Degree Black Belt The World Taekwon Moodo Federation
    • 6th Degree Black Belt Korean Hapkido Federation
    • Instructor, 3rd Generation IpMan Wing Chun, Bai Si Ceremony/Indoor Student of Sifu Kwok
    • 4th Degree Black Belt World Pro Taekwondo Federation
    • 3rd Degree Black Belt Ji-Do-Kwan
    • 2nd Degree Muay Thai Kickboxing
    • International WTF Poomsae Referee