STW Self-Defense & Fitness

STW Self Defense & Fitness, at an impressive 60,000 sq. ft., is the largest Krav Maga Worldwide training facility in the US.

STW Self Defense & Fitness is a totally new concept, teaching nothing but group fitness (Advanced Performance Exercise Program-APES Boot Camp, APES SCC, Battle Ropes, Cardio Kickboxing, Fitness & Power Cycling, Fitness Kickboxing, Fitness Rings, KettleBell, MixFit, Performance Stretch & Roll, Power Lunch, Rush Hour Strength, STW Fury) and Krav Maga self-defense.

With a membership base that exceeds 5,000 members & students they run 106 classes, 6 days a week. Owner Pete Hardy invites all Revgear University attendees to observe and participate in any classes at the Crossroads location for the duration of the University.

60,000 sq ft Facility Features:
  • 8 large spacious training rooms 2,500-10,000 sq. ft.
  • Cardio Bag room with 100- 6ft. Thai bags
  • 50 indoor cycling bikes
  • Mock 737 simulated airplane cabin for realistic training scenarios
  • Realistic 1,400 sq. ft. fully furnished “house” for home-invasion training
  • Bar for training scenarios using cue sticks, beer bottles, chairs & tables
  • Pro-shop with training gear and retail
  • Men’s & Women’s Locker rooms with showers
  • Women’s Self Defense Seminars
Venue Address:

100 Crossroads Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78201
(314) 974-5728