Mike Salemi

Performance Specialist

    Performance Specialist Mike Salemi started in strength & conditioning at the age of 15 as a competitive Powerlifter, and became a WABDL World Champion in the Bench Press and Deadlift at 19 years of age.

    While working as a D1 collegiate strength & conditioning coach, Mike noticed the immediate potential for his athletes, especially those focused in combat sports, to increase their performance far beyond what the conventional approach could provide. It was this awareness over 10+ years ago that sent him on a journey of intense study and practice in the specific arts of kettlebell lifting and Suples Bulgarian Bag training.

    Working closely with one of the world’s most respected leaders in holistic health, Paul Chek, in conjunction with a revolutionary method to improve movement quality and reduce pain (the ELDOA), Mike teaches a unique form of high performance training using a holistic model. He is deeply passionate about creating more balanced, longer lasting athletes around the world.

    Today, as an avid Kettlebell Sport competitor, Mike is one of very few Americans who has achieved the ranking Master of Sport in both Long Cycle & Biathlon. In 2017 he became the 2017 WAKSC World Champion in the Long Cycle (73kg Division).

    Kettlebell Education
    KET Academy III, SFG, IKFF, WKC, IKSFA II (Russia), OKC II
    Other Education/Experience
    B.A., B.S., Santa Clara University
    Suples Bulgarian Bag Pro Instructor