Paige Hardy

Area Fitness Director/Instructor STW Self Defense & Fitness

    Paige has been involved in fitness since elementary school. She graduated from Lake Travis High School as a top athlete in many sports. She describes it as, “eating, drinking, and breathing fitness for the last 20+ years.” Her father Pete Hardy, president and founder of STW Self Defense & Fitness, has been involved in the fitness industry since 1971. Paige remembers learning how to bench press when she was 10 years old. She was literally raised in the fitness industry.

    During her college years, Paige studied kinesiology. Also during this time she began working for her father’s business, STW Krav Maga, where she put her abilities to train and inspire others to use on a much larger scale. Today, Paige runs the entire fitness program for STW Krav Maga, the nation’s largest Krav Maga regional facility. Paige is responsible for the development of all STW Krav Maga fitness instructors, developing new and trending programs, keeping current programs up-to-date and ahead of the curve, fitness instructor tryouts in their entirety, hiring, firing, and training anyone who wants to step on stage for STW Krav Maga. Paige ensures she provides her STW members with instructors that are not only skilled but truly passionate about what they do. She trains instructors on how to design and provide exceptional fitness classes, “We pride ourselves on our homegrown instructors.”

    Paige has completed the CrossFit certification program, AFFA Group Certification program, and the AFFA Personal Training Certification program; she has two L1 Kettlebell certifications, and has been involved in coaching and assisting other athletic summer camps. Paige does what she does to empower each and every person she meets by proving to them that they have what it takes to reach their fitness goals. Paige strives to inspire others and help each member reach their goals. Paige loves to watch their lives change for the better. Be True, Be Fit, Live!